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  • Favorite Bike:​​ Whatever one he's on, but if forced to choose the Moots Vamoots Coupler bike because he's ridden it all over the world. ​

  • Favorite Ride: Too many to list, but off the top of my head: The Queen Stage of the Giro, Haleakala, 10 days in Costa Rica on a Single Speed.

  • Dream Ride: One Word: Stelvio.

  • Favorite Beer: Tough one but anything hoppy makes me happy.

  • Interesting Facts: Once climbed a million vertical feet in one year; his first bike didn't really belong to him (but it wasn't stolen); he's seen the Grateful Dead 68 times. 

  • Bio: Born in the hood, raised by animals. Danny was raised in California and came to the East Coast when he was 16. He lived in NYC, moved to the Catskills and thats where he got his first road bike at 17. His passion for cycling began then, but Danny has also been a triathlete, and a runner. He raced Cat 1 as a cyclist, and opened the Bicycle Depot in 1996 in New Paltz NY. After 11 years he sold his business to move to Stroudsburg to be with the love of his life. 

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